Why You Should Put MCT Oil in Your Keto Meals.

Anyone who is serious about a ketogenic lifestyle must have MCT oil. IF you want your body to burn fats fast then you should take MCT to provide the fuel for burning fats. MCT oil is delivered straight to the liver to use as energy and they don’t actually undergo the digestion process.

Below are some of the reasons why MCT oil is great for your ketogenic diet. It is very important in your nutrition.

You can get into ketosis faster with MCT oil. If you have not been into ketosis for a while, then you can get back you fat burning state then you need to take MCT oil while fasting. Before that you need to eat a low carb dinner or don’t eat dinner at all. During breakfast do not eat anything but drink a cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of MCT oil.

A fasted state of body with a shot of MCT will help you body get back into ketosis quickly. You get energy from MCT oil and the coffee which will be not like what you are used to. Energy derived from MCT is more prolonged that energy provided by glycogen.

MCT oil can be used to replace a meal in your ketogenic diet plan. Simple replace one meal with MCT oil but you can eat a ketogenic meal for the rest of the week. Your body will have a feeling of satiation with MCT oil. Although you might be surprise on how a few tablespoons of oil can replace a meal, you will soon realize that your body gets accustomed to it if you continuously do it. MCT will replace glycogen and your cravings will lessen.

Your ketogenic dishes can be mixed with MCT oil. MCT Is a very versatile oil. MCT oil can be used as a base for your salad dressing. You can rest assured that you will still be burning fat after you have eaten your salad. Putting MCT oil in your favorite ketogenic meal is also beneficial. You can use it as a replacement for regular oil in baking. There are many keto recipes that you can use where you can add MCT oil instead of regular coconut oil.

If you need a sports drink for your outdoor workouts you can simply add MCT oil to your water and squeeze a bit of lemon juice into it.

With MCT oil, you ket diet can be amplified in many ways. You body will be transformed into a fat burning machine with MCT . But you will not be able to get the proper amounts from a diet alone but you will need a boost, and that boost is MCT oil.

You will develop a more efficient lifestyle if you add MCT to your ketogenci diet.

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Health Tips for The Average Joe