Points on the End Daylight Saving Time Petition

The daylight saving time (DST) is a practice where people adjust their clocks to match with the sun rising and setting. The daylight saving time history dates back over 100 years ago, where the practice aimed to conserve energy. The practice aims to help people take advantage of the day’s light by waking up the same time with the sunrise. Many areas are thinking about stopping the daylight saving time practice. Such people argue that the method has zero benefits and only affects people lives negatively. Here is the need to get rid of the daylight saving time.

The first reason to stop the daylight saving time is that it fails to assist in reducing energy consumption. The homeowners currently will not reduce energy use by just changing the time they sleep and wake up. You will see a building that lights are always on during the day and the night. The petitioners are asking why people should continue to change the time on their clocks yet the system has no benefit to them. Hence, why it stops to stop this practice. The intention is to make more people aware of the need to get rid of the daylight saving time.

People in areas using daylight saving time are complaining that the system exposes them to various health risks. The locals say that the daylight saving time affects how they sleep. Thus, the people sleep patterns are disrupted to the end of a given period. For instance on some months the residents will have to wake up earlier than other months. Therefore, you will have a difficult time carrying out various activities, and you are more prone to cause accidents. It is critical that these areas stop the daylight saving time. It is crucial for people to have enough sleep that will enhance their moods and health.

The daylight saving time also affects the trade and travel negatively. Many people will schedule the trip several months before. Adjusting your clock may affect your travel plans. Thus, it makes it difficult to make schedules for businesses and to travel.

The pioneers of the daylight saving time thought that the system would stimulate economic growth. People would, therefore, work using the daylight making them more productive. Many people argue that daylight saving time have more drawbacks than benefits. It lowers the people productivity decreasing the economic activities of the area. Hence, it is vital for more people to join the end daylight saving petition.

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