How to Find the Right Assisted Living Home for Your Loved One

Assisted living facilities are designed for mainly independent seniors who need assistance with certain daily activities, like bathing, medication reminders, or transportation. These facilities also offer 24/7 security, health care access, fitness programs, recreation and social opportunities.

While we would all like the best assisted living conditions for our loved ones, these facilities are no all the same. Therefore, you have to do some research and look through your options thoroughly.

How to begin? Check out various assisted living facilities in the area and make a shortlist. Then set an appointment with each one so you can personally make a visit. You will have to spend time for this, but the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one is in a happy and safe place is more than worth it.

As you examine each of your options, keep the following in mind:

The Staff

Let’s start with the members of the staff. They absolutely have to be well-trained, but that is usually a given. Their attitude is often what spells the difference. Choose a community where the staff are compassionate and have and genuine.

Staff-to-Resident Ratio

On top of good training and sincerity, assisted living staff should also have enough care providers for all the residents. Regardless of their good attitude or training, they will never be enough if their numbers are not enough.

Care Plan in Black and White

Find out if the residents in a facility you’re considering have a written care plan each. If not, some of their needs may remain unidentified and thus unmet.


It is important to know as well if a facility can manage your senior loved one’s needs in the future. Definitely, you should go with a facility that is prepared to address them.

Holistic Approach

Just because they have aged doesn’t mean their needs are confined to the physical. Like us, they also need socialization, entertainment and spiritual food. Look for a place where all such things are part of the community.

Other Considerations

There could be innumerable other considerations for choosing an assisted living facility, but make sure the basics are covered. For example, the kitchen. It has to be clean, period. Visit at mealtime so you’ll catch the action. Call buttons are another basic requirements. There must be enough all over the facility.

You can also sit around the outdoor area, observing how the residents communicate with each other. You can get insights into how they feel about the facility just by the way they talk to each other.

Before you choose an assisted living facility for a loved one, be sure to compare at least two or three options beforehand. You can’t say a certain facility is the best if you don’t have any point of reference.

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