Ensure Your Pond Cleanliness By Using the Right Equipment

Just like a regular house, having a pond also requires maintenance and proper care to ensure that the inhabitants are healthy and happy. You may have with you a filtration system and regular spot clean to ensure that the pond is having a healthy ecosystem but you need to remember that at least once a year, your pond requires clean out.

By doing a full clean out of your pond, you are already resetting the environment. If you will attend to the plants of your pond, remove the muck buildup and repair the fixtures, you will help the inhabitants to be happier and healthier.

Although a full clean out may seem to take more of your time and effort, it is still a task that you need to do that is not that overwhelming. By reading this article, you will know how to do the pond clean out easily.

The first step is for you to prepare your holding tank properly. The purpose of your holding tank is to place your fish while you do your cleaning. Don’t forget that the size of your tanks will also depend on how big your fishes are. Next, place your holding tank in a shaded area but make sure it is near your pond so that it will not be difficult for you to pump water from the pond to the tank. You don’t have to fill the tank fully as long as your fishes are already comfortable with the level of water inside the tank.

Afterwards, you will have to use your pump sock on your pond pump so that any large debris will not be suck up since this will cause damages or even blocking. By using this sock, this will prevent the fish from possible suck up. Even though large fishes don’t go near pond pumps, there will still be instances of accidents thus, a pump sock is a must.

Next, make sure that catching of fishes be done once the level of your fish pond water is at least one foot. The purpose of the one-foot water level is for the fish to have a limited area to swim away and for you to catch them easily. But of course, fish nets must be used gently.

Using of hose can be a good idea but if you really want to have a thorough cleaning of your pond and remove the muck, the power wash is the most effective tool.

Lastly, you need to check on your plants and lighting, too, thus, a totally drained pond is a must. By doing so, it will not be difficult for you to check for overgrown plants. By having a drained pond, spotting of more damages or other problems on your pond is easier.

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