Things to Know in Regards to Iran Is Syria

One thing that is not known to many people is that alliances in the Middle East countries are rarely formed, but Syria and Iran have proven this wrong. Since the beginning of 1979, these two nations have been in a partnership that has seen them grown in terms of their politics, economy and security levels. When you consider the manner in which both nations operate politically, you will realize that both have a dictatorial form of government and also one that likes operating independently, without the input of the opposition. A matter of fact is that geopolitics is one of the things that has lead to the sustainability of the partnership that exists between these countries.

For example, when they both detected that Iraq would pose a security threat in their countries, these two nations combined their efforts to fight this. They were worried that the war in Iraq would slowly penetrate their borders and they, therefore, had to put in strict measures to ensure that this did not happen. The formed partnership connecting Syria to Iran has proven that they have common interests and that they can be able to attack an enemy together.

These two have been able to come up with objectives and also ways to achieve them due to the mutual trust and interests that they have and as a result, they have been able to survive without aligning with the international and also local calls for them to alter their ways. The Syrian government became largely dependent on the Iranian government to supply it with political and also military resources that they needed, once the current ruler took office. This is because he was not able to sustain positive relationships with the rest of the Arab powers.

During this period, some of the political members in these two countries signed an agreement which dictated that their military forces would always come together to fight a common enemy. Although there exist some differences between them, it is with no doubt that they have proven they can work together. Whereas Iran is known for its revolutionary goals, Syria stands out as the epitome of secular nationalism among the Arab nations. Due to their differences with other nations, the countries have been slapped with some international bans.

Despite all this, they continue to work together due to the strong alliance that they have. They have always helped each other in the fight against their enemies, as evidenced by the different instances where each country has been attacked and the other one has also stepped in to help, despite the sanctions that they stand to face. One other thing that has contributed to the cementing of the partnership is that the countries do not get in the way of each other’s interests, and this helps them avoid conflict.

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