Gettting Your Very Own Hair Weaves

Hair weaving is more common than you realize in the world of fashion trends, it’s accepted by women of every age no matter where they are in the world. There has been a time when it got lost in the back, but thanks to the innovative new forms and appearances of weaves celebrities can’t get enough of it. The overwhelming acknowledgement and acceptance by celebrities and artists have set a brand new pace for hair weaves in the world of fashion.

Hair weaving is done through a number of ways, styles and techniques; each hair weave contains a unique appeal that facilitates the kind of change that you were hoping for. The following are just some of the trendiest forms of hair weaves you may want to try:

Weaves Made of Human

Basically, these kinds of weaves are made of real hair from someone else that, for whatever reasons, sold or donated their tresses. These types of hair weaves give a more natural appearance but the main issues that you’ll face is finding a weave that perfectly matches your hair color and texture.

Weaves Made from Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair weaves are made up of artificial weaves twisted or micro-braided together to create amazing patterns; remember that these are only temporary attachments used to create a brand new look.

Curly Hair Weaves

Curly weaves can be achieved by braiding curly extensions all the way to the strands, a procedure like this is best left to professional hair stylists. A lot of maintenance and care has to go into curly weaves, especially whenever they’re washed or dried.

Bonded Hair Weaves

By using bonding glue adhesive in attaching extensions to small sections of natural hair, bonded weaves are created. Compared to other hair weaves, bonded weaves are pricier and requires a ton of care especially whenever its removed. By failing to do or remove bonded weaves properly, it can likely result to real hair damage. The life of bonded weaves typically lasts up to two months and have to be removed even before the bonds start becoming loose.

Fusion Hair Weaves

Another weave that requires an expert touch is the fusion weave, but the fuller and more striking appearance it creates is worth it. It’s done by dividing the natural hair into smaller sections and attaching the chosen extensions with the help of hot wax. Fusion weaves typically lasts for as long as two or three months but costs more than even the bonded weaves.

Consider These for Your Hair Weaves

Go for quality hair because the kinds that don’t move as you walk gives off the wrong impression; either it’s synthetic hair or you haven’t washed your hair for weeks. Avoid too much hair in the weave in order to keep the natural looking style; two bags of hair at a time is more than enough.

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